The EPX100 is a safe, simple and smart x-ray inspection system ideal for small to medium-sized packaged products. Its low energy design reduces operating costs and delivers exceptional contaminant detection performance.

Eagle’s EPX100 is an affordable high value x-ray inspection system that advances food safety and product quality programs for consumer package goods companies. The EPX100 is ideal for inspecting cartons, pouches, plastic containers and items wrapped in foil or metalized film. It detects contaminants such as metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and many high density plastics.

Eagle’s powerful SimulTask 5 control and image processing software provides additional inspection routines including missing component, broken items, count, shape and position placement – delivering greater functionality and value to maximize return on investment.

Eagle Repository allows convenient on-screen review of production statistics as well as rejected and saved images. To view statistics and reports, the information can also be transferred to a PC or network for viewing using a standard internet browser.

All EPX100 machines are network capable and include Eagle Remote Access. This enables product set-up, machine diagnostics and remote correction by the Eagle Technical Support Team; maximizing machine uptime while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

Safety is Everyone’s Job
Machine safety is critical - safe mechanical design and guarding is built into all machines.

• Electrical safety circuits meet Category 3 (EN954) and Performance Level “d” (PLd, EN13849) criteria.

• Integrated mechanical guarding keeps personnel safe from rotating and sorting devices.

• Low power operation ensures radiation emissions are below strict regulatory standards.

• Hazard Based Risk Assessment is available that can be integrated into a user’s risk management and operational safety program.

Simple to Install, Operate and Maintain
Straight forward set-up with a fully integrated, guarded, pre-tested inspection and reject system.

• SimulTask 5 dashboard interface displays critical performance metrics for quick and easy viewing.

• Routine line intervention and maintenance functions are accessed from the operator side of the machine reducing initial set-up and potential downtime events.

• Innovative tensioning system makes belt tracking and replacement simple and fast.

Smart Inspection Protects Your Brand
The EPX100 delivers exceptional value at an affordable cost maximizing your investment.

• SimulTask 5 is built on years of proven image processing and inspection control for optimal detection performance and application flexibility.

• “Supermarket Package” includes sensors and operators required to comply with stringent retailer specifications to verify correct machine operation.

• Simultaneously inspects for contaminants and other routines such as count, missing or broken item, shape, position and even mass without performance degradation.

• Advanced ‘high gain’ detector technology provides superior inspection performance at low operating costs and power levels.


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