The Praxair ColdFront Tunnel Freezer lineup offers food processors options to optimize their freezing operations. Every manufacturing environment is different, so Praxair food experts conduct an in-depth production assessment of a food processing system before recommending a freezing tunnel. The data-driven selection process looks at heat transfer rates, a food’s thermal fingerprint, production throughput, cryogen efficiency and more to determine the optimal system for each application.

Praxair’s Tunnel Vision
“Not all freezing process requirements are the same,” said Chris Johnson, Director, Praxair Business Development. “Manufacturing sites differ and what’s being frozen varies. With our Food Technologies Laboratory, we take all this into consideration and conduct tests with customer products on full-size production equipment.” The information garnered from the Food Lab tests coupled with the engineering overview of the on-site manufacturing environment is what is used to determine the optimal freezing tunnel. “We take a holistic approach to recommend the best system for our customers, so they end up with the efficient system they need and the high quality end product they desire.”

ColdFront CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer
Cost-effective and easy-to-clean, the CryoVantage is value-engineered for lower capital outlay and to conform to improved sanitary cleanup standards. These workhorse freezers can freeze and chill a wide variety of products and are an integral part of your continuous processing operation. This straight tunnel freezer incorporates many proven technologies that ensure quick, thorough freezing and maintains the quality attributes of your products. This new freezer incorporates many sanitation improvements that make it faster and easier to clean and meets USDA sanitation standards.

ColdFront CryoSaver Tunnel Freezer
The CryoSaver was designed to optimize cryogenic gas use, because wasted cryogen cuts into profitability. The unique configuration of the CryoSaver provides up to 15 percent increased processing efficiency compared to traditional cryogenic food freezers. Wasted cryogen or inefficient use of cryogenic gas erodes profitability. Praxair engineers reconfigured the classic tunnel freezer, with a unique, angled design that capitalizes on the pooling characteristics of cold cryogen vapor. Advanced features effectively block ambient, room temperature air in a manufacturing plant from entering the freezing zone and also help prevent cryogen vapor from escaping. This creates a longer, more active freezing zone for greater processing efficiency.

ColdFront Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer
Some manufacturing situations demand more from less—more freezing power, greater efficiencies and increased productivity while conserving precious space on the plant floor. The Praxair® ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer delivers by improving the use of cryogens to increase product throughput in the same or smaller footprint of existing operations. This advanced system delivers colder temperatures per square foot and in the most efficient fashion. It delivers the optimal level of cryogenic liquid while minimizing air and moisture infiltration to improve cryogen conservation, boost productivity and increase yield for a positive impact on your bottom line.

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