Praxair Inc., a Linde company, will exhibit its ColdFront ultra performance flighted freezer – designed to produce high-quality, individually quick frozen (IQF) products, such as chicken strips – and the ColdFront cryovantage tunnel freezer – with a focus on freezing throughput – at IPPE in Atlanta in booth B4521.

IPPE will be held in Atlanta’s Georgia Congress Center, January 28 - 30, 2020, where Praxair will also present ‘the cold hard facts’ related to cryogenic gas technology, illustrating how it has helped customers lower production costs and improve overall product quality. Praxair works with food and poultry processors to provide effective and cost-efficient methods to use liquid nitrogen and/or liquid carbon dioxide to rapidly freeze, chill, or cool food products to desired target temperatures.

“Cryogenic freezing and chilling offers poultry processors an efficient method to preserve the quality of their protein products and distinguish themselves in the market,” said Chris Johnson, Praxair business development director. “This gives food manufacturers a significant point of difference as interest in frozen foods and frozen prepared foods increases. Consumers enjoy the convenience, yet they also want high-quality products. They don’t want to settle for less.”

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