Impossible Foods is launching its first major product upgrade this month—and the next-generation Impossible Burger delivers unprecedented taste, nutrition and versatility, the company says.

The new recipe of the plant-based Impossible Burger contains no gluten, no animal hormones and no antibiotics. It’s kosher- and halal-certified.

“The newest Impossible Burger delivers everything that matters to hard-core meat lovers, including taste, nutrition and versatility,” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown. “This is the plant-based meat that will eliminate the need for animals in the food chain and make the global food system sustainable.”

Impossible Foods launched its next-generation Impossible Burger at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- the first food ever showcased at the show, which features breakthrough technologies from connected homes to autonomous cars. Impossible Foods expects to serve at least 12,000 free samples throughout CES with a food truck outside the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 8-11.

Source: Impossible Foods