White Dog Labs announced that independent lab testing and analysis has demonstrated the potential benefit of MiruTyton for broilers – increase in growth rates of 4.1% and 6.1% with concurrent Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) reductions of 5.4% and 2.1% for male and female birds, respectively, through 21 days of growth.

MiruTyton is a naturally produced, butyrate rich (33wt%) feed additive. It is a liquid co-product of ProTyton, the previously announced premium Single-Cell Protein for aquaculture. WDL has developed and scaled up the anaerobic fermentation process for these products, and has signed an agreement to produce them in the MRE ethanol plant in Sutherland, NE.

"We are happy to announce these results, which were demonstrated through close collaboration with industry experts and an independent testing lab,” said WDL's CEO, Bryan Tracy.

The MiruTyton test was carried out with 1000 birds, 200 per treatment (100 male and 100 female) with 10 birds per cage. The MiruTyton doses were 0, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000ppm of net butyrate per treatment. Body weight, feed intake and mortality were measured on 0,7,14,21 days, while blood sample and GIT histology measurements were taken on day 21.

The body weight and FCR results for the zero-MiruTyton control matched nicely the Ross 708 bird performance guide. The performance of male birds peaked at 1000ppm dose with 4.1% faster growth rate and 5.4% lower FCR, indicating that growth improvement was driven by FCR reduction. Females performance also peaked at 1000ppm with 6.1% faster growth rate and 2.1% lower FCR. Ileum villi heights were 5% and 2.6% greater than control for male and female respectively, which physiologically supports the growth performance. Lastly, no mortality was observed.

"We are delighted with the MiruTyton results,” said Tracy. “Because it is a liquid, we envision accurate and economical administration, and since it is a co-product, it provides a pricing flexibility which we trust will result in a positive impact on the industry.”

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