Case Farms, through the J. Leroy Cook Memorial Scholarship Program, has awarded $38,500 in scholarships to 11 children of Case Farms’ employees. Through the program, the scholarship award will be paid on behalf of each student to their intended college or university.

Established in 2006 by Case Farms founder Thomas Shelton, the J. Leroy Cook Memorial Scholarship Program aims to recognize academic excellence and achievement at school and in the community, encourage pursuit of a post-secondary education and provide financial assistance to qualified individuals. Since the program’s inception, Case Farms has awarded $148,000 in college scholarships to 50 children of its employees.

“This year we had another overwhelming response with many well-deserving applicants,” said Kevin Phillips, president and chief operating officer at Case Farms. “These students are truly inspiring and dedicated to their education and making their communities a better place. We are honored to award these 11 individuals with scholarships for all their hard work and dedication.”

The recipients of the 2019 J. Leroy Cook Memorial Scholarship are:

  • Anthony Bishop, the son of Tony Bishop at the Goldsboro facility. Anthony is attending UNC Chapel Hill and is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science. 
  • Shelby Wiggins, the daughter of Phillip Wiggins at the Goldsboro facility. Shelby is attending East Carolina University and is majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.
  • Carly Culbertson, the daughter of Marvin Culbertson at the Morganton facility. Carly will be attending Lenoir-Ryne University where she plans to earn her Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Jesus Estrada, the son of Fulvia Estrada at the Morganton facility. Jesus is attending Rice University and is majoring in Social Sciences.
  • Alexie Velez, the daughter of Hector Velez at the Morganton facility. Alexis is attending Appalachian State University and is majoring in Junior Music Therapy.
  • Xavier Henderson, the son of Gregory Henderson at the Morganton facility. Xavier will be attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and plans to major in Psychology.
  • Courtney Reavis, the daughter of David Reavis at the Olin Research Farm in Olin, NC. Courtney is attending Catawba College where she plans to earn a BSN nursing degree.
  • Kiowa Looney, the son of Jeff Looney at the Winesburg facility. Kiowa will be attending Ashland University and will be majoring in Biology and Toxicology with minors in Chemistry and Coaching.
  • Susmita Rai, the daughter of Sancah Rai at the Winesburg facility. Susmita is attending the University of Akron and is planning to earn her nursing degree.
  • Haodong Xue, the son of Weihong Xue at the Winesburg facility. Haodong is attending the University of Akron and is majoring in Computer Information Systems.
  • Jieyi Xue, the daughter of Weihong Xue at the Winesburg facility. Jieyi is attending the University of Akron and is majoring in International Business.

Applicants underwent a competitive process, completing a detailed questionnaire that was evaluated by a scholarship committee of independent professionals outside of Case Farms. Each year, winners are announced at the company’s Service Awards Dinner, an annual banquet recognizing long-tenured employees at each of the Case Farms’ four facilities (Goldsboro, N.C.; Goldsboro, N.C.; Winesburg, Ohio and Canton, Ohio).

Source: Case Farms