Lopez Foods, an Oklahoma-based processors that supplies burger patties to McDonald’s, is in the process of renovating a processing plant in Cherokee, Iowa, which the company acquired in July. The company hopes to begin operations in Spring 2020 and will employ 30-35 people, reports KTIV News.

The plant has gone through three owners in five years. The plant was built around 1963 by Wilson Foods and was also run by Tyson. Iowa Food Group bought the plant in Fall 2018 but only ran the facility for about three months before ceasing operations.

“Lopez looked at this as an opportunity and they own another Wilson plant, this is a Wilson plant originally, they own a Wilson plant in Oklahoma and so this was a good fit. They like our community, they like our work force so we began those conversations 2 days after Iowa Food Group closed,” said Bill Anderson, Executive Director of the Cherokee Area Economic Development Corp.

Source: KTIV News