ABM Drives Inc.’s efficient drive technology portfolio now includes liquid-cooled motors. These drives have broad application for users through their high energy efficiency and power density even in harsh environments.

ABM drive specialists developed the units with frame sizes from 80 to 160. The motors have a compact design taking up little space but are still powerful enough for mobile drive applications. The motors also feature optimal cooling performance under continuous load because liquid dissipates more heat per time unit than air dissipates. This also applies if liquid-cooled motors are used in tight spaces, like when integrated into machines. Beyond that, the drives possess a high thermal stability.

ABM DRIVES INC. offers the water-cooled version with an output of up to 100 kW. It is available as an energy-efficient asynchronous motor or a permanently excited Sinochron motor. The motors can be controlled via inverter and can be easily attached to all ABM helical, parallel shaft and angular gearboxes. The components also operate reliably in harsh environments; ABM offers them with high levels of protection of up to IP6K9K. Radial or axial cooling is accomplished with fluids: either a water-glycol or oil mixture. The result is low pressure loss in the cooling system.

The water-cooled motors are suitable for use in the printing and textile industries. Relatively high temperatures prevail in production here and efficient cooling is especially important. In mobile drive technology, they excel in construction machines such as excavators or wheel loaders as aggregate and traction drives. Other application fields are electric vehicles, industrial trucks and watercraft. ABM drew on its extensive modular building block system in the design of the components. User-specific requirements such as connection to special interfaces can easily be implemented.

ABM DRIVES INC. is the North American Subsidiary of ABM Greiffenberger one of the leading international system providers of high-profile, high-performance drive solutions for machines, plants and mobile devices. Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Marktredwitz, Bavaria, Germany, the company was acquired by the senata Group, October 2016. The senata Group is an owner-managed, medium-sized family company with annual revenue of approximately $520 million and nearly 2,500 employees.

Total international production averages approximately 330,000 drive units annually for most diverse applications in the field of machine and plant engineering. The continuous growth of ABM Greiffenberger is due to a productive, committed and reliable cooperation with customers worldwide.

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