JBT Corporation, a global technology solutions provider to the food and beverage industry, is driving intelligent protein processing operations with innovative solutions and an enhanced customer-first mindset.

JBT is elevating its customer care model that puts their customers at the center of every project - from equipment installation to preventative maintenance programs and parts orders. The initiative involved centralizing several customer care teams to create a single destination for customer data and intelligence. This paved the way for a deeper and more meaningful understanding of customer needs.

“We’re cultivating an environment that promotes authentic, best-in-class customer experiences,” says Augusto Rizzolo, VP Customer Care, JBT Protein North America. “That advanced customer-first transformation, coupled with our innovative technology solutions and expanded product line, is critical in helping JBT achieve our goal of becoming a preferred provider for our customers throughout the protein processing journey.”

In recent years, JBT has acquired several companies as part of a strategic plan to expand its raw, further and poultry processing capabilities. JBT believes the company’s ability to further expand its customer-obsessed mindset is the final ingredient in a recipe designed to help their customers achieve best-in-class food processing operations - and give JBT a unique competitive advantage.

“This is the foundation upon which JBT’s values are built; taking care of our customers through higher levels of engagement and a thorough understanding of their business,” says Rizzolo.

The company’s innovative approach to holistic preventative maintenance has also driven strong growth for JBT. Its comprehensive PRoCARE maintenance program features ongoing technician support, training to maximize equipment performance along with replacement parts. New for 2020, the program is powered by JBT’s iOPS system, an advanced equipment monitoring system that uses real-time data to help customers maximize uptime and increase operational efficiency. This gives them the ability to tap into the power of data and JBT expertise to improve their equipment operations and reduce their total cost of ownership.

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