Technomic has released a white paper giving its views on the coronavirus and how it may affect the foodservice industry. The report can be found here:

The report details the consumers’ uncertain concerns about the outbreak and its potential impact on their lives. The report also covers consumer thoughts on eating out during this time.

“More concerning for foodservice, more than three in 10 consumers say they plan on leaving the house less often, not go to restaurants as often or not order food or beverages at away-from-home venues as often. And among those who say they will not go to restaurant as often, 31% say that decreased frequency will last for between one and three months. It is interesting to note that only 13% believe that they will order more via restaurant delivery because of the crisis.

“The reduced foodservice visit incidence could be a boon for the grocery business, as almost half of these consumers say they will stockpile grocery foods and beverages as a substitute for away-from-home meals. Meanwhile, other consumers are concerned about their potential need to move away from foodservice due to the crisis as its benefits are ingrained into their lifestyles. These consumers may not have the cooking skills, the time nor the desire to make more meals at home.”

The report also details what the restaurant industry’s response to the coronavirus should be and what industries may be affected most by changing consumer behavior during this outbreak. For more information, visit Technomic’s website.

Source: Technomic