As hospital capacities are being expanded to face the increasing number of COVID-19 patients, the demand for medical air compressors, vacuum systems, and medical gas pipeline is increasing as well.  As a medical gas equipment manufacturer, Powerex is part of a critical infrastructure industry designated by the Department of Homeland Security; since Busch Vacuum Solutions is a key supply partner for Powerex, they are deemed critical infrastructure as well.

Medical air compressors and vacuum systems are required to operate ventilators, which are being used to treat patients suffering from COVID-19.  To prepare for the spike in severe COVID-19 cases, both federal and state emergency management organizations have deployed mobile ICU trailers with ventilators, delivering greatly needed capacity to the areas hardest hit by the pandemic.  One of the largest mobile ICU trailer projects has tasked Powerex to supply them all of the medical gas equipment in an accelerated timeframe. 

Thanks to their long-standing relationship, Powerex was able to rely on Busch Vacuum Solutions to provide 36 R5 rotary vane vacuum pumps required for the ICU units. Busch was able to meet the shortened timeline, allowing Powerex to build and ship the units on schedule, and contributing to the alleviation of the pandemic.

While the Powerex factory ramped up production of medical air and vacuum systems, the Busch team in the US stepped up to help rush through the ordering, production and shipping process of these critical vacuum units. These units will be built into trailers that will be deployed to multiple locations throughout the country. And with hundreds of thousands of infected people, these vacuum units for hospitals are urgently needed in the US.

"The healthcare industry has been a key focus for Busch for many years and we are proud to be a major solutions provider to our partner equipment manufacturers like Powerex. We are committed to supporting our medical customers through these fast-moving and challenging times." Turgay Ozan President of Busch USA

“Powerex recognizes that timing is critical in this pandemic, and our team has stepped up to the challenge of manufacturing urgently-needed medical gas equipment in a short timeframe.  We are grateful for our key supply partners like Busch USA and their willingness to rise to the challenge as well.” Chris Trusock, Business Unit Manager of Powerex Medical

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