Old Trapper has won legions of dedicated fans by a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of quality. The company’s latest release, 18-ounce family size bags (the largest package on the market to date!), of its authentic beef jerky, fulfill the oft-repeated request for more product. All four of Old Trapper’s signature flavors including Old Fashioned, Peppered, Teriyaki and Hot & Spicy will be available in the larger format size.

According to a report from ABC news, “food portions have been gradually getting larger because that's what many consumers want. It's called value sizing — getting more food for the dollar. Another report from Forbes, provides insight into the trends of snacking. Specialty jerky and meat snacks, grew 26% in recent years. “Snack foods are growing because they encompass many overarching trends like convenience, protein, better-for-you options and healthful eating.”

Old Trapper’s newest family sized bags of beef jerky give snackers plenty of the quality beef they crave in a larger size that can be shared with friends and family alike, used to stock pantries or taken along on road trips and other outings. The larger format bags feature Old Trapper’s signature clear packaging enabling consumers to clearly see the quality and amount of product they are receiving when purchasing. 

“Customers always want more jerky in their bag, so we decided to give them the biggest bag we’ve ever made and the responses from retailers and consumers have been nothing but joy,” said Robert Leary, Director of Marketing. “We feel like we’ve really delivered on their requests, while maintaining our commitment to quality with our signature clear package concept.”

Old Trapper 18-ounce family sized bags of beef jerky can be found at club warehouses across the country. They will also soon be available for purchase at grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

Families of all sizes who want a high-protein, low-carb snack option that will last a while can learn more about Old Trapper’s new 18-ounce family sized bags of lean, high-quality beef jerky online at www.OldTrapper.com.

Source: Old Trapper Smoked Products