As the country starts to reopen, people get back to work, and patrons start shopping and dining at physical locations, new measures must be taken ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. Here at Larson Electronics we’re taking the guesswork out of how your facility can do just that.

We carry a line of durable protective shields and barriers to protect employees and customers from airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and germs. Our durable and attractive social distancing barriers help keep sneezes, coughs and particulates that occur while talking from entering the personal space of a worker or patron.

Whether you need desktop dividers, cashier barriers or something in between, we’ve got you covered. The social distancing barriers we carry include:

  • Table dividers: these are available in a variety of sizes for round or square tables, and provide a wall-like, clear barrier perfect for cafeterias, break rooms, conference rooms, and restaurants. This divider is an ideal solution for spaces where 6 feet of social distancing is not possible. The interlocking design allows for a table to be evenly divided while providing an ideal way to have face-to-face meetings and meals.
  • Office barriers: these portable units are available in various sizes and materials. These free-standing sheets are suitable for offices and retail spaces to keep people protected from others’ sneezes and coughs, even in a confined space. They can easily be moved around the room and no complicated hardware is needed for setup.
  • Vertical barriers: these come in several sizes and feature a convenient pass-through slot at the bottom. This portable, vertical sneeze and cough guard provides protection from airborne viruses and bacteria. The pass-through slot allows documents, wires, small objects, and other materials to easily pass under the guard.
  • Cashier panel: this pathogen guard helps prevent the spread of germs by separating the space between people and is ideal for checkout registers, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, and other areas where employees interact with patrons.
  • Manicure table shield: this sneeze guard comes in several sizes and features a wide pass-through slot at the bottom that allows for a larger range of hand and arm movement. This portable manicure table barrier allows for proper protection of employees and patrons during manicures and pedicures. The clear plastic allows for easy visibility while providing the ultimate protection.
  • Desktop shields: these shields are ideal for hospitals, personal desktops in offices, pharmacies, banks, government agencies, and more. This durable divider provides a physical barrier to help stop the spread of germs. This barrier also features a wide pass-through slot at the bottom for passing documents and other materials easily.
  • Screw-in dividers: these dividers come in a variety of sizes and feature pre-drilled holes on the bottom for convenient mounting. This barrier is perfect if you are looking for a more permanent germ-stopping solution and can be installed at checkout stands, in hospitals, and other high traffic areas.
  • Hanging barriers: these come in a variety of sizes and can be hung from ceilings to cover areas that cannot accommodate a portable sneeze guard. Velcro strips are included to hold the shield in place. This is an ideal solution for places like distribution centers and post offices where additional space is needed to pass through larger items.
  • Urinal dividers: this device is a mountable clear plastic divider for extending urinal partitions. This divider helps prevent airborne germs and pathogens from traveling from one urinal to the next by providing a physical barrier between them. This unit features pre-drilled holes for easy and convenient mounting.

The best part is that these barriers easily snap together, so no complicated hardware is required! Easy installation can save you time and money while creating a safer work environment quickly. Give your workers and patrons the peace of mind and confidence they need to come back to work or visit your facility with a social distancing barrier today.

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