Despite an ongoing global pandemic, national stay-at-home orders, and spring cattle work, members of the United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) still found a way to "travel" to Washington, D.C. and meet with their Members of Congress.

From June 15-17, nearly 50 cattle producers from 15 states participated in the first-ever virtual Washington, DC "Fly-In." This year proved an especially critical time to meet with lawmakers as producers grapple with COVID-19-related losses and the Department of Justice undertakes an investigation into anti-competitive behavior by the Big Four meatpackers.

USCA focused on several key pieces of legislation related to marketing and competition reform, building capacity for independent meat processors, truth in labeling, U.S. cattle and beef trade, and livestock transportation.

USCA President Brooke Miller issued the following statement:

"First, I'd like to thank the nearly 50 members who made the time to participate in the policy-making process, especially the new members who stepped up and took on the responsibility of building a better industry. This is the foundation of a grassroots organization and we will never take our members' dedication and commitment to the greater cause for granted.

"We knew we couldn't sit on the sidelines this year and were pleased with the conversations we had with Congressional staff, who also recognize the need for bold action. There is incredible momentum this year for change, more so than I have ever seen in years past. USCA is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead as we build a more profitable, and therefore sustainable, future."

Source: USCA