Emerson Bearing Boston, a bearing company catering to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) markets around the world, has expanded their bearing line with innovative plastic bearings.

Plastic bearings, otherwise known as self-lubricating plastic bushings or thermoplastic plain bearings, have the same dimensions as bronze bushings and are now being used in more “dirty” applications with greater success. They are resistant to dust, dirt, water and chemicals, have a high load capacity, and are maintenance-free --making them the ideal choice in food processing machinery, agricultural machinery, pumps and valves and other applications. 

Typically, oil-impregnated bronze bearings have a film of lubricant which must remain consistent to ensure optimal performance. On the other hand, plastic bearings which are made from a thermoplastic alloy and fiber matrix, are comprised of tiny chambers which hold the lubricant, enough of which is released during movement. Yet, plastic bearings are dry-running and deflect dirt. 

Best of all, the service life of plastic bearings can be calculated (as they have a predictable wear rate) utilizing newer software programs. 

Emerson Bearing’s plastic bearing line includes top brand Igus.

“In the past, our focus was on oilite, bronze and casting bronze bushings, but today, we largely recommend plastic bearings by Igus, a company based in East Providence, Rhode Island,” explained Steve Katz, president of Emerson Bearing Boston. “Not only is the performance of plastic bearings better, customers will benefit from the significant cost savings.” 

For more information about Emerson Bearing’s product lines, visit www.EmersonBearing.com.