Covid-19 continues to create enormous stress on our society and our industry in particular. 

While some industries shut down, the food processing industry has persevered – because there is no other option. Within weeks of the outbreak, the concept of essential became crystal clear. Safe, clean, processed food is ESSENTIAL.  

Based in Canada, our work of building and maintaining equipment is done mostly in the background. However, we are acutely aware of the inter-connected global effort that it takes to bring food to market. Without food processors, producers such as farmers and fisherman could not get their goods to market. We - all of us - are the difference between access to food and empty store shelves. FPS is proud to be part of an industry that has met and continues to rise to meet this challenge. 

"From its inception, FPS has been driven to create equipment with the absolute highest level of hygienic standards. So, while the pandemic has altered how we work, it has reaffirmed our mission and reinforced our sense of pride in our industry," states Justin Lai, FPS VP of Marketing & Sales. 

"We created this video to say thank you to all of the partners that stand alongside us in delivering safe food to people and families across the globe. We couldn't do what we do without them," explains Lai.  

As we continue to face the issues brought on by the pandemic, we also look to other challenges including climate change, food waste and hygienic production. FPS is confident that collectively through innovation, collaboration and ongoing investment, our industry will rise to meet any challenge. 

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