Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors is proud to announce the company has been named one of the “2020 Best Places to Work” by The Atlanta Business Chronicle. On September 24th, a virtual event will feature the company alongside a list of Atlanta’s top workplaces. The Best Places to Work Awards highlight successful companies that are going above and beyond to keep their workforce happy. This honor arrives at an especially important time as Covid-19 safety practices and the well-being and safety of all employees continues to be a primary focus of Farmers & Fishermen.

Founder & CEO and long-time food industry leader, Kirk Halpern, shifted his focus from restaurant delivery to include home delivery for customers social distancing. He figured out a way to keep his employees at work while also helping regional farmers and fishermen, local chefs and catering companies plus other food businesses reach consumers. Customers can now receive top quality fresh food ranging from steaks to chicken and seafood, plus artisan breads, eggs, dairy, delicacies and more. His efforts have helped serve the community and his top priority was keeping his team employed. Halpern’s employee-centered pivot resulted in a successful formula building staff morale while also responding to challenging times.

Originally founded in July 2019, Farmers & Fishermen serviced local chef-owned and operated restaurants with the finest meat and seafood products. Their customers read like a who’s who list and Halpern’s decision to add a home delivery focus proved to be a welcomed and needed service. Halpern said, “We are honored to be chosen as one of the best places to work by The Atlanta Business Chronicle. Our goal is to grow together through this pandemic and that means putting our employees first and creating alliances with other food services. Our employees are our frontline workers and we call them Employee Partners. When we are able to hire new employees, we try to hire their family members and put them back to work. While we continue to serve our restaurants, who are operating by curbside service and delivery, our Employees recognize the importance of prompt customer service and building relationships who can trust and count on us.”

Halpern adds, “We have quickly adopted a model where our highly trained sales staff can work directly with consumers. We operate a fleet of refrigerated Mercedes Sprinter vans that includes free delivery and no tipping. The best tip we get is a word of mouth recommendation. As a conscientious employer, our company’s team of drivers have been trained on the safe handling of products and wear masks and latex gloves during deliveries. Orders arrive in our signature recyclable box to a customer’s door and we take pride in observing all safety protocols. Farmers & Fishermen is feeding a need and our goal is perfection along with happy, well-fed customers and appreciated employees who know they are valued and an important member of our team.”

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Source: Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors