A new study shows that phage technology can be a useful tool for poultry processers experiencing challenges in mitigating bacterial contamination within food products.

In ground turkey, the study showed a decrease in Salmonella prevalence of 38.6 percent (a 17.8 point difference from the control of 46.1 percent and the treatment of 28.3 percent) when turkey parts were treated with Finalyse SAL prior to grinding. Finalyse SAL is an antimicrobial from Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production that uses naturally occurring phages to reduce presence of Salmonella in poultry processing.

The study compared two batches of bone-in drums from the same flock. The control batch was dipped in 500ppm peracetic acid (PAA) for 30 seconds. The treated batch was also dipped in PAA for 30 seconds followed by an application of 107pfu/mL Finalyse SAL solution for 30 seconds. The control and treated batches were shipped to the same grinding facility and ground separately prior to Salmonella sampling and analysis.

Over a one-month period, this process was repeated for a total of 18 batches with samples collected from 10 random trays for both the control and treated groups. Test results showed 46.1 percent Salmonella prevalence in controls. Finalyse SAL reduced the Salmonella prevalence to 28.3 percent.

The phage technology in Finalyse SAL activates in the presence of Salmonella to invade and kill the harmful bacteria. Phages, or bacteriophages, are viruses that infect bacteria and destroy their host cell. This safe, natural and biodegradable technology only activates when Salmonella is present and naturally degrades without its host.

Finalyse SAL is not a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, but instead specifically addresses Salmonella presence in poultry products. It is effective against nearly the top 20 serovars that are human health hazards. Using Finalyse SAL with a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, such as AviBrom, allows poultry processors to tackle a variety of pathogenic issues and reduce transmission of foodborne pathogens throughout processing. 

“When used as part of a multi-hurdle, multi-technology food safety approach, Finalyse SAL is an effective intervention in reducing Salmonella in ground turkey,” says Dr. Jack McReynolds, R&D and Technical Director, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “ARM & HAMMER food safety expertise and technology is designed to work in combination to combat tough challenges facing poultry processors.”

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