Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors, Founder & CEO and long-time food industry leader, Kirk Halpern’s company is growing through the Coronavirus Pandemic forming alliances and working to increase economic activity for the Atlanta culinary industry. On Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, Farmers & Fishermen will debut an annual Food, Wine and Spirit Trade Show which is a showcase collaboration with Prime Wine & Spirits to be held at the host venue, Savanna Hall, Zoo Atlanta.

Beneficiaries of this event will be deserving Atlanta nonprofits with a focus to help the industry prosper and grow. A VIP guestlist from the trade will be procured by the partners by invitation. The partners will observe strict observance of the safest practices including a Covid closure alternative date on Sept. 1, 2021 if necessary. Savanna Hall at Zoo Atlanta provides the ideal venue for guests to meet and mingle with chefs, farmers, fishermen, winemakers and distillers.

This day of tasting, meeting and greeting culinary experts co-produced by Prime Wine & Spirits will be showcased in this spacious location with access to the zoo.

According to Halpern, “The culinary industry needs to work together. If you don’t think forward, you can’t grow forward.” He added, “We need to build the future we want to see and prepare to emerge stronger than ever. We must bring economic activity to Atlanta and create a food-lovers event that will benefit Atlanta and its deserving area causes. Small vendors, farmers, fishermen, wineries, and distilleries must have a way to get their products to market. It is imperative to create these types of networking and sampling opportunities, so we can get the food industry back to work as soon as possible.”

Originally founded in July 2019, Farmers & Fishermen serviced local chef owned and operated restaurants with the finest meat and seafood products. Their customers read like a who’s who list. Halpern’s decision to add a home delivery focus proved to be a needed service and he still serves the restaurants who are operating by curbside service and delivery. He figured out a way to keep his employees at work while also helping farmers and fishermen. Consumers can now receive top quality fresh food ranging from steaks to chicken and seafood, plus artisan breads, eggs, dairy and more.

Halpern adds, “As the food industry works to revitalize ourselves, we must plan ahead and be innovative. We need to embrace our challenges giving small businesses a way to showcase their products and thrive. Looking to the future is essential for success as we navigate unprecedented challenging times.”

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Source: Farmers and Fishermen Purveyors