A combination of reliable weighing accuracy with rugged machine design, the C33 PlusLine delivers high precision weighing in harsh environments. The system design makes cleaning and maintenance simple; with easy dismantling and reassembly of system conveyors – including self-adjusting elastic belts that remove the need for tensioning. In most cases, cleaning with the parts in place is possible and the flip-up design of the conveyors allows easy access to all critical areas.

The robust performance of the C33 PlusLine checkweigher allows its use in nearly all industrial production situations requiring 100 percent weight control, especially those where demanding application requirements need to be met. Specialized conveyors and handling options allow for the optimal transport of unstable or open products such as jars, trays and cans. C33 PlusLine Systems are operated from a 12-inch multilingual touchscreen positioned in front of the weigher for maximum operator safety.

The C33 is highly customizable, with 200 available performance and productivity enhancing options. Product handling options include side grip conveyors, star wheels and specialized guide rails to ensure flawless product flow. These features and configurations make the C33 system simple and easy to operate for a broad range of applications, providing positive ROI through increased efficiency, lower production costs, and reliable service. It enables companies to Inspect 100 per cent of their product, segregate non-conforming packages and collect production data using one of two optional Weight Data Interfaces.

The C33 is versatile and designed for endurance and maximum reliability in wet, dry and harsh working environments. Specialized water-protected conveyors support regular cleaning routines to maintain hygiene standards. The software features data collection capability that supports regulatory compliance and offers more than ten data communication protocols, including Ethernet, Fieldbus and OPC technologies to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools available. It also supports Industry 4.0 integration projects.

As with all METTLER TOLEDO products, the C33 is supported through an extensive global service network that fully recognizes cross-border contracts and ensures time support, availability and rapid delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and ensures that production runs smoothly, with minimal disruption.

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