If you're a restaurateur, chef, center-of-the-plate specialist or other professional in the foodservice community you already know about beef's profit power and potential. But what if you had a single, downloadable resource in the palm of your hand that provided training, education, and assisted in increasing the profitability, versatility and crave-ability of beef in your business? That's the intent behind the BEEFoodservice mobile app.

"Education and training are constants in foodservice," said Christie Van Egmond, Director of Retail and Foodservice Marketing for the California Beef Council (CBC), and the app's creator. "Whether it's innovative beef cuts, new menu applications, beef cutting demonstrations or how and what beef cuts to order, there is always a need for updated, targeted resources both for seasoned and new foodservice staff. And while the app was created by the CBC, it is designed to be used by foodservice professionals across the country."

BEEFoodservice is ultimately a guide and resource for foodservice professionals about beef. App users can learn how cattle are raised, beef's sustainability story, product quality and beef nutrition. Through the comprehensive Beef Cuts section, the foodservice community can explore innovative beef cuts and their versatility in menu applications, NAMP/IMPS ordering numbers and tips, cut preparation tips and cooking methods. App users can watch beef cutting videos and complete one of two interactive beef training courses. Topics of the BEEFoodservice app include Raising Beef, Product Quality, Sustainability, Real Beef, Nutrition, Foodservice Inspiration and Beef Cuts. The app also includes two free beef training programs, an inbox messaging feature and the capability to connect with your local state beef council.

The BEEFoodservice app is available free for both iOS and Android. You may also download the app at https://www.calbeef.org/retail-foodservice/beefoodservice-mobile-app/.

Source: California Beef Council