Eriez Product Manager-Metal Detection Ray Spurgeon announces 6 and 18-inch belt sizes are now available for the Xtreme Metal Detector Conveyor Systems with Automatic Rejects. These units, along with the 12-inch belt systems launched last year, are loaded with new options and offered for fast delivery through the Eriez Quick Ship program

“This is a game-changer,” says Spurgeon, “as it solidifies Eriez’ place as the industry leader for short lead times for metal detector conveyor systems with automatic reject devices.” He adds, “For over a decade, the Quick Ship Xtreme Metal Detector Conveyor System program has helped us secure many orders and meet customers’ needs for rapid solutions to maintain productivity. The introduction of these new belt sizes supports our commitment to continually expand our Quick Ship metal detection line to satisfy more processing requirements when expedited delivery is crucial.”

Just like the 12-inch systems, the standard 6 and 18-inch Xtreme Metal Detector Conveyor Systems with Automatic Rejects boast a wide array of new options. Spurgeon explains, “We designed these units with push arm or air blast rejects, lockbox, reject confirmation, stainless steel motor/reducer, improved guarding, emergency stop and side guides.”

All Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors are designed with a focus on sensitivity, convenience and productivity. Features include 7-inch touch screen interface, multiple pre-programmed languages, easy set-up and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and 24/7 technical support capabilities.

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