The Vall Companys agri-food group, Spain’s largest producer of pork, aims to increase the international operations of its cooked and cured meat categories. To that end, the Vall Companys Group has created ORES, a unique and transversal commercial division and also an umbrella brand made available to all large international retailers. The goal is to commercialize cured and cooked meat products notable for being produced in prestigious Spanish locations and also for the specialization in and control over animal genetics involved in their production, encapsulating the entire value chain within a single company.

The acronym ORES stands for Orígenes de España (“Spanish Origins”) in order to add value to the foods produced in locally renowned areas. It is in these areas where the company sources its meat following the highest standards of quality and staying true to local tradition: Jabugo and Guijuelo for Iberian pig, and Teruel, Valdepeñas and Osona for white and Duroc pigs. The business group currently exports its cured and cooked meat to France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

The challenge will now be to consolidate their presence in the central and Eastern European markets, and to penetrate the Asian market, where the company already sells frozen meat.

The entire value chain in a single company
Vall Companys produces 5 million pigs, being the largest pork producer in Spain, the second largest in Europe and the fourteenth in the world. Its scale has made the company develop extensive know-how in all stages of production and achieve complete traceability of the entire process: from swine genetics and improvement to food processing and packaging.

ORES has launched a website in English and French aimed at the retail sector and international markets offering 12 brands – comprising cured and cooked meat – and more than 200 references that include Spanish pigs of the highest quality and with the most locally prestigious genetics: the four lineages of Iberian pig, the two varieties of Duroc pig (100% and 50%) and white pigs, produced in Jabugo, Guijuelo, Teruel, Valdepeñas and Osona.

Several brands of pork are sold under the umbrella brand ORES, specifically Silencio de Jabugo (DOP Jabugo); Flor Sierra, La Joya (El Repilado, Jabugo); Linaje Ibérico and Épicum (Salamanca); Veteado (100% Duroc); Magno Duroc (50% Duroc); La Antigua Jamonería, Placeres and Nevado de Calamocha (white pig raised in Teruel, Valdepeñas and Osona).

BRC, IFS and animal welfare certifications
The products now made available to international operators by ORES are known for their high standards of quality and food safety that come with having the entire production process carried out by a single business group. The many plants of the Vall Companys Group involved in the ORES value chain all have internationally renowned certifications, including IFS, BRC, IAWS (Interporc Animal Welfare Spain) and WELFAIR, the AENOR certification scheme based on the Welfare Quality and Awin standards.

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