New allegations against Tyson Foods management at a Waterloo, Iowa, pork processing plant claim that management lied to interpreters about the spread of the novel Coronavirus in the facility, reports the Des Moines Register.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the families of three Tyson plant workers who died from COVID-19. Previous amendments to the lawsuit alleged that management placed bets about the number of COVID illnesses that would occur at the plant. Tyson suspended the managers named in the suit and promised an investigation into the allegations.

The new allegations claim that the plant manager and human resources director told interpreters for the plant’s Spanish employees that the plant had “no confirmed cases” of COVID-19 and that the Black Hawn County Health Department had cleared the plant for employment. In reality, there had been several cases at the plant, and the Health Department officials were advocating to close the plant.

Tyson did not comment on the new allegations.

Source: Des Moines Register