Many of us have spent the bulk of 2020 doing the same thing – nothing. We stayed inside, we didn’t travel. Those in the meat industry had jobs to do, but I know that a lot of vacations and summer activities were scaled back or canceled outright.

Now, we are putting on our winter clothes from 2019, and we’re discovering something alarming. They don’t fit like they used to. All that comfort food, all those restaurant deliveries, all that home cooking… it’s left a toll. In 2020 was the year of just getting by through any means, then 2021 may be the year of recovering from 2020!

As you think about your product development plans for the coming year, you may want to think about highlighting foods that are reduced fat or low in calories. Many of your products are probably compatible with Keto or Paleo diet plans already – particularly if you’ve cut artificial preservatives from your products. Meat snacks in particular may be a big item in 2021, as people return to gyms and are looking for a quick protein fix.

New Year’s resolutions are more than likely be centered on getting physically fit again. Your job will be to remind people that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a bland and painful experience.

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