Missouri Prime Beef Packers is scheduled to open its processing plant in Pleasant Hope, Mo., at the end of January 2021. The 100,000-square-foot facility was the former home of a pork processing plant and is undergoing upgrades to accommodate fed and non-fed beef cattle, reports Missourinet.com.

State Rep. Warren Love, R-Osceola, praised the decision. “We have the potential now for Missourians to start feeding and finishing their cattle here in this state, and that will add more value to the Missouri beef,” Love said.

“Our production operations include seedstock development, cow/calf production, and feeding facilities. Beyond production, we operate a beef marketing firm that focuses on consumer demands,” reads the Missouri Prime website.

Love said that the plant will have the capacity to process 500 head per day, and will custom process cattle for a variety of niche programs.

Source: Missourinet.com, Missouri Prime Beef Packers