Supply chain risk is a significant threat for the food industry that can and does result in a crisis when not adequately managed. Through a partnership with SafetyChain, The Acheson Group (TAG) has developed a new, proven way to manage and mitigate this risk: the TAG Supply Chain Risk Assessment Tool.

TAG’s exclusive Supply Chain Risk Assessment Tool is a risk-ranking digital platform that provides food companies with in-depth, customized visibility of their supply chain strengths and opportunities. It identifies a broad scope of risks within the supply chain, and scores them based on the company’s sourcing, food safety model, regulatory environment, management, and business model.

By providing a holistic view of item risks and supplier performance, the TAG Supply Chain Tool enables food businesses to determine and trend performance of sourcing risks for new and existing suppliers. Geographic and financial risks are also analyzed, including those of economically motivated adulteration and food fraud.

With the ability to customize product and supplier risk assessments to the company’s unique needs, the tool gives businesses the information needed to direct resources to your greatest area of potential risk – through a logical and reproducible ranking approach.

Some key features include:

  • Configurable assessments
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Shareable & exportable charts and graphs
  • Risk-ranking from critical to low
  • Supplier and item tracking and analytics
  • Multi-user level access & permissions
  • Hands-on training and ongoing support

Developed through TAG’s broad expertise in industry best practices and identification of vulnerabilities in the supply chain and SafetyChain’s proven technology, the Supply Chain Risk Assessment Tool helps companies understand their specific supply chain risks, make applicable risk-based decisions, and effectively allocate resources.

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