With ongoing market disruptions fueling a greater need for traceability and a growing utilization of automation for labor, safety and efficiency purposes, manufacturers are seeking systems that deliver on both of those attributes. Among other advanced x-ray machines, Eagle Product Inspection offers the Pack 430 PRO for efficient, integrated inline inspection and greater traceability.

Designed for the inspection of mid-sized packaged products, the Pack 430 PRO automatically detects and rejects a range of physical contaminants, including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, calcified bone and some plastic and rubber compounds. Also improving efficiencies and minimizing downtime on the line, the machine simultaneously conducts automatic quality checks for mass measurement, component count and seal integrity. At a time when manufacturers are packaging more products, this system offers multi-lane applications, enabling users to inspect multiple lanes of the same or different products in plastic containers, cartons, boxes or pouches, or to use one lane for production and the other for rework.

Traceability is provided through Eagle’s proprietary and enhanced SimulTask PRO and TraceServer software that provide on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis, quality assurance traceability and enhanced data collection that can be shared and stored in a central database. Remote technical support is available via a built-in modem and ethernet card.

To learn more about the Eagle’s advanced technologies, including the Pack 430 PRO machine, visit https://www.eaglepi.com.