As food production has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the emergence of new transformative technologies, there are unparalleled opportunities for improvements in food safety and quality. On March 3rd, Eagle Product Inspection is hosting a live webinar on “Automation, Traceability and Remote Options: Advanced X-ray Inspection for a New Era of Food Safety.”

Part of an ongoing “Eagle Speaks” thought leadership series, the upcoming webinar features four food industry experts weighing in on the shifting marketplace and the ways that x-ray technologies advance automation and traceability.

Attendees will get key insights on pandemic-related changes in everyday approaches to sanitation and safety and how the global supply chain has been affected by market disruptions and the ebb and flow in consumer demand across foodservice and retail.

“Against a backdrop of more stringent manufacturing requirements, there is a concurrent move to introduce more automation in facilities to keep up with demand while alleviating safety and labor concerns,” says Melissa Wirrig, Head of Sales and Service-North America at Eagle. “X-ray inspection systems are important technologies that reduce labor problems while automatically inspecting products for potential food safety hazards and quality issues.”

While greater automation and changing supply chains are reshaping the marketplace, x-ray technologies also provide the traceability that is increasingly demanded by customers and mandated by food safety standards and regulations. “The ability to have full image storage and retrieval allows food and beverage companies to stay compliant and simultaneously enhance their operational efficiencies,” Ken Falk, Regional Sales Manager at Eagle, points out. In addition, technology-enabled remote services aid compliance in and beyond COVID-19 period and can be utilized for audits, pre-purchase testing and maintenance/troubleshooting.

In the March webinar, Dan Coakley, President, Plant Automation Group, will also address the financial implications of this new era and how x-ray systems can be used to protect products and brands while helping pave the way for opportunities with new customers in different channels. “The ability to deliver on quality and food safety while being flexible in production is key to maintaining profitability,” he says.

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