Responding to market demand, Intertek Alchemy, a global leader in food safety training, today announces the launch of a new library of online courses built in partnership with OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, focused on helping companies looking to expand into the kosher market and improve their existing practice. The library’s flagship course, Managing Kosher Production, is now available through Intertek Alchemy’s professional development training portal, Alchemy Academy, as well as three additional eLearning courses — each with a specific lens on the bakery, beverage, and dairy industries.

Going kosher allows facilities to unlock a loyal customer base and obtain a competitive edge as over $150 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise dramatically. To meet kosher requirements, food products must adhere to strict manufacturing and packaging guidelines — the details of which are often not fully understood by every department involved in an essential production role. Alchemy Academy’s newest curriculum demystifies kosher and provides individuals with an understanding of kosher concepts and procedures so that they may successfully communicate with certification bodies and recognize their contribution to kosher consumers.

Alchemy Academy's kosher production library builds off this foundation to include three supplemental courses presenting the particular protocols necessary for industry sectors such as bakery, beverage, and dairy. These courses capture the knowledge and practical experience of the instructor, Orthodox Union’s Rabbi Avrohom Stone, who has more than two decades of expertise in the kosher industry. With graduate-level studies in Jewish, specifically kosher law, he offers a unique perspective to processing systems in manufacturing and production facilities.

Rabbi Stone said: “Giving every manager the necessary training to effectively plan and execute proper kosher production with confidence is a critical step to achieving certification. Knowledgeable managers that are confident in their role in kosher product production helps to ensure high quality kosher food products for this important consumer base.”

Chase Eastman, Vice President of E-commerce and Courseware at Intertek Alchemy, stated: “Alchemy’s kosher production courses are ideal for food manufacturing professionals interested in gaining a better understanding of kosher guidelines and the process of kosher certification. These online courses provide the practical training and expert insight facilities needed to successfully go kosher and power their workforce – all at their own convenience.”

With the introduction of the kosher production library, Alchemy Academy now offers more than 45 food safety training courses. Learn more about Alchemy Academy’s online kosher courses.

Source: Intertek Alchemy