Wayne Farms LLC CHEF’S CRAFT Gourmet Chicken is continuing its retail expansion by offering its products in additional grocery stores. The chef-inspired brand of products is now available at Midwest retail giant Meijer.

The Flame Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet, Grilled Chicken Breast Chunks and Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks are being sold at over 65 Meijer stores across the Midwest, including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Each of these products are made from no-antibiotics ever, vegetarian-fed chickens.

CHEF’S CRAFT chicken is a line of gourmet products thoughtfully inspired by chefs. They are fully cooked and frozen, providing consumers with an easy-to-prepare, nutritious meals within minutes. The minimally processed products are gluten and preservative-free. The chicken is 100% farm raised and contains no nitrates, MSG or artificial ingredients. They pair perfectly with your favorite rice, pasta and vegetable dishes.

CHEF’S CRAFT was first introduced to retail consumers in the fall of 2020 when the products started being sold at Walmart and Food Lion stores across the country. Previously this brand was only directly sold to the foodservice industry and not available in grocery stores.

“As people continue to cook at home more, they are asking for access to high-quality products they would expect from restaurants,” said Keri Bauder, brand manager of Wayne Farms LLC. “We have seen this with our partnerships with Walmart and Food Lion. Consumers want at-home restaurant experiences.”

Home cooks can enjoy restaurant quality ingredients, recreating their favorite dishes while enjoying the nutritional and financial benefits of eating at home.

“Cooking at home is a trend that is not going away,” Bauder said. “Families are looking for nutritious, affordable ingredients they can easily prepare at home.”

The Flame Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets are seasoned, grilled and prepared using a sous vide cooking method to provide a perfectly tender and delicious chicken breast fillet. These breasts simply must be thawed then warmed on a stove top, microwave or a conventional oven, making it easy to create a healthy dinner in less than 30 minutes.

The Grilled Chicken Breast Chunks are cooked via a microwave, conventional oven or skillet in a matter of minutes. Perfect for salads, rice bowls, kebobs or on their own, these bite-size chunks add a nutritious protein to any meal.

Prepare the Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks in a conventional oven, microwave or air fryer. Preparation only takes five to 14 minutes, depending on your cooking method. Add them to tacos, pasta or enjoy them on their own with some dipping sauce.

The retail price for the Flame Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet, Grilled Chicken Breast Chunks and Gluten Free Chicken Breast Chunks varies depending on the market in which they are sold.

This is the second Wayne Farms line of products to be sold in grocery stores. The other line offered in retail locations is NAKED TRUTH Premium Chicken, which is available at Whole Foods Market. NAKED TRUTH products also are sold directly to the foodservice industry.

Other Wayne Farms brands that are sold directly to the hospitality industry include PLATINUM HARVEST premium chicken, LADYBIRD premium chicken, BUFFALOOS hot and spicy chicken wings and chunks, CRISPY FLIERS chicken wings and chunks and NATURELLE chicken breast fillets. To learn more about the launch of CHEF’S CRAFT chicken in Meijer, Walmart or Food Lion, visit https://chefscraftgourmet.com/.

Source: Wayne Farms LLC