Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning systems, proudly announces the launch of their newest website, www.kaivac.com.

The brand-new site has a much bigger and bolder look, along with streamlined navigation and an enhanced search function. 

It also allows visitors to “Shop Now,” directing them to learn more about Kaivac products and purchase them, along with genuine Kaivac parts, directly from the website.

According to Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac, “This new site has been a long time coming. Our department heads told us what they wanted on the site. Then we asked our [end] customers what they would like to see. Ultimately, this new site was inspired by a number of stakeholders.”

One tab on the new site’s main menu is the “Kaivac Story.” This takes visitors to a video portraying how the Kaivac brand was started two decades ago in the back of a warehouse. The company is now headquartered on its own Kaivac Campus. From manufacturing just one machine, it now manufactures a wide array of products and equipment sold worldwide.

Reflecting the issues of the day, the new site also includes an entire “Disease Prevention” section.

Along with providing up-to-date information such as an entire library of content addressing biohazards, COVID-related cleaning issues, and cleaning best practices, the section also points out how Kaivac machines are used for infection control and prevention purposes.

According to one recent web visitor, among the notable changes she found are “far more images of [Kaivac] products being used, more videos, more information that is better categorized, and the search function requires just a keyword to find whatever you are looking for. That was impressive.”

Morrison, who has a software and digital technology background, says Kaivac is doing all it can to keep up with the fast-paced digital world.

“COVID has changed everything, including the online world. People want to find information and products as quickly as possible. We believe are making this happen with this new site.”