Quality Food Processors (QFP) is investing over $1 million in its workforce—increasing wages, bonuses, and incentives—beginning March 1st, 2021. This significant move by the bacon processing company is spurred on by the desire to recruit new employees and invest in the current team that's been pivotal to the growing success of QFP. Investing in the workforce also moves QFP towards a more competitive position for pay and incentives. 

"We are pulling out all the stops and moving forward with a bold, concerted effort to invest in our team, their future, and the future of our company," said Eric Kohler, General Manager of Quality Food Processors. "I am very proud of the quality work we've been able to achieve, and this endeavor opens a new chapter for Quality Food Processors."

Entry-level starting wages are being increased for both first and second shifts. QFP will raise the first shift's starting pay from $13.25 per hour to $15.25 per hour. The second shift’s wages are being raised to $17.25 per hour (this includes the $2 shift differential). All grade levels are being adjusted to some degree.

Along with a significant bump in starting pay, QFP will also be introducing a new performance-based bonus program that also goes into effect on the first of March. This latest bonus initiative aims to reward team members–as a whole–for meeting or exceeding production volume goals throughout the year. As volume benchmarks are achieved, the team could process enough bacon to receive substantial bonuses. 

Kohler explains, “With a suitable number of employees, we are confident that these goals are easily attainable. Prior to COVID, we were consistently processing the benchmark quantities we are aiming for with this program. It is achievable; we simply need additional staffing.”

Details of this program are still being finalized. Overall, it's quite a different approach to what employee bonuses could be and how they can participate in attaining it. The company will continue to offer a wide range of other long-established bonuses. QFP is standing by its existing $600 hire-on bonus and $250 referral bonus for team members.

QFP is currently in the process of working towards offering a 401(k) plan match program for its employees. More details on this and other benefits are to be announced at a later date this year. 

"Our company is always growing, and we are looking to expand our team to meet that growth head-on,” said Lilliana Gonzalez, HR Manager of Quality Food Processors. "The wage raises and new bonus initiatives will make a big difference when it comes to recruitment. The incentives will also have a huge impact on the lives of our current employees.”

Currently, the company employs over 240 dedicated team members, and with the $1 million workforce investment, one of the goals is to recruit over 100 more motivated individuals. QFP remains committed to growing as a company and has many quality employment opportunities available. Current open positions are listed on the company's website, and interested parties can fill out applications online at QFPDenison.com/Apply.

Those that prefer to fill out a physical application can pick one up at the QFP facility's guard shack at 710 US Highway 59, Denison, Iowa. Applicants can email general employment questions to liliana.gonzalez@qfoodp.com

For more information about Quality Food Processors, visit QFPDenison.com

Source: Quality Food Processors