Developed by Servotronix with an EtherNet/IP interface from STXI Motion, the softMC compact microcontroller enables any major OEM programmable logic controller (PLC) to seamlessly control any motion control component, including robots, drives, and motors to add innovation and modularity to packaging systems.

“The softMC motion controller provides packaging equipment suppliers the flexibility and controls they need to innovate and optimize customer solutions at the cost of an industry-standard network gateway,” said Alex Lee, General Manager of STXI Motion, North America.

The new softMC lets packaging machine-builders interface with Rockwell Automation PLCs and EtherNet/IP networks to add multi-axis motion control to any existing system. The controller delivers Industry 4.0 machine-to-machine communication while simplifying and reducing the overall cost of motion control system design and configuration. At the same time, softMC increases the flexibility and efficiency of automated packaging lines and expands OEMS’s capabilities to innovate.

Add multi-axis control to any Ethernet/IP equipped Rockwell PLC
A centralized method for designing and integrating additional motion axes and/or robotics capabilities lets machine builders design and use standard robot models such as delta, SCARA, and cartesian/ gantry robots. The controller provides advanced motion control of the motors, robots, or robotic controllers while handling all communication between the material handling systems and the Allen-Bradley PLC. A decentralized method allows machine builders to customize a system using motors and drives from the STXI Motion product portfolio, which are optimized and ready for use with the softMC.

For a fraction of the cost of a motor drive system, the softMC provides full robotics control and gateway to motion with the ability to communicate with all motor technologies and feedback devices, allowing packaging machine OEMs and end users to add new automation capabilities to their existing setups, increasing productivity, modularity, and revenue.

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