Before the buzzer sounds on this year's National Deli Meat Month, The North American Meat Institute, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, and The National Pork Board, administrator of the Pork Checkoff, will go into overtime celebration with the ultimate Deli Dinner Showdown. While fans around the world still won't be able to root for their favorite teams court-side in packed arenas, this TikTok tournament featuring favorite deli meats is sure to be a slam dunk.

The Deli Dinner Showdown, a tournament-structured event, will include leading TikTok chef and nutrition influencers sharing their enthusiasm for deli meats.  They will break away from the long-held image of these products as only lunch and sandwich options and create culinary dinner delights featuring their favorite cuts.  Fans will have the chance to win $100 for correctly predicting the winning bracket.

The Deli Dinner Showdown encourages TikTok foodies to create delicious dinners featuring deli meats.

To facilitate this culinary competition, the Meat Institute and Pork Board are partnering with The Food Renegades a division of The Digital Renegades -- a digital marketing agency and a chef alliance on TikTok.  This tournament will bring the Food Renegades' five million followers together to cheer for taste, convenience and nutrition that deliver satisfaction when they need it the most.

"The Deli Dinner Showdown encourages fans to think outside the confines of the sandwich, and to create delicious dinners featuring deli meats," said Eric Mittenthal, Vice President of Sustainability for NAMI. "It's amazing how versatile deli meats and other prepared beef and pork products can be."

"No matter how you slice it, there are so many choices to tempt taste buds all month long," said Chris Jones, Director, Marketing Strategy at the Pork Board. "We can't wait to see the deli meat creations that the contestants prepare."

Thousands of products are available in the deli case and include low- and reduced-sodium products, low- and reduced-fat products, American Heart Association certified, organic and grass-fed options, Kosher and more.   A range of prepared products with various nutrition attributes can be found at:

Visit to find more information including the latest news, infographics, product information, fact sheets and more.  

Join the celebration on social media by posting and following #delidinnershowdown #delimeatmonth and #foodrenegades.

The Food Renegades include:



Source: North American Meat Institute