Intertek Alchemy, a leader in workforce performance, has evolved Alchemy Academy into Zosi, an expanded state-of-the-art learning platform for individuals and companies seeking instant access to training and on-demand expertise for every role level.

With a focus on safety in knowledge, Zosi represents the first global marketplace of its kind, providing unique access to a wealth of on-demand food and workplace safety content and expertise in one centralized location. The platform leverages an exclusive network of expert mentors to empower professionals at every level with real-world solutions to complex business, regulatory, and sustainability challenges. For the busy individual looking to parse through and understand dynamic regulatory requirements, Zosi provides accessible, practical, and personalized solutions. For corporate decision-makers looking to train a diverse workforce, Zosi reflects the understanding that education isn’t always one-size-fits-all. With more than 300 courses, the new ecosystem offers interactive curriculums, actionable insights, practical application strategies, and a live content portal accessible anytime, anywhere.

André Lacroix, CEO of Intertek, said, “The launch of Zosi is a landmark achievement as we continue to expand our Intertek Alchemy solutions on a global scale. Tailored, cutting-edge solutions are critical in meeting complex, evolving, and unique regulations faced around the world. We look forward to cultivating Zosi’s mission of limitless learning in dynamic international markets for years to come.”

Zosi’s foundation remains the award-winning training curriculum and instructional philosophy pioneered by Intertek Alchemy. To service a global audience, the platform boasts an elevated course catalogue that now reaches beyond food and workplace safety and helps meet regulatory requirements in multiple countries. From this foundation, Zosi intends to build close-knit professional communities that can better everyone’s everyday practices. This begins with Zosi Live, an innovative virtual roundtable series in which professionals and experts discuss relevant, pertinent, and often intricate industry topics. This communal vision extends into the platform's new social media communities meant to maximize engagement outside of training and production floors.

Chase Eastman, VP of E-commerce and Courseware, Intertek Alchemy, stated, “With Zosi, we can break down the silos of information inherent within industries and harbored by remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic. The expert access Zosi provides gives directors and supervisors peace of mind when training and regulating remote teams. By breaking down these barriers and building industry connections, professionals worldwide can train smarter, advance quicker, and sleep easier.”

With the launch of Zosi, Intertek Alchemy now provides a leading edge to every individual on any sized team. Learn more about what’s to come at