Elanco Animal Health Inc. launches ZoaShield in the United States, which offers poultry producers a proven and flexible zoalene solution that keeps coccidiosis under control in an easy, manageable way.

A critical component of maintaining optimal bird health, especially in No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) flocks, is having a reliable, efficacious anti-coccidial program. ZoaShield offers producers a flexible, proven active ingredient product that can be used in a variety of seasons and operations.

“Producers know and trust zoalene as an anti-coccidial option,” said Andrew Carlson, executive director of U.S. Poultry and Nutritional Health at Elanco. “ZoaShield provides the reliability producers have come to expect to help manage coccidiosis in their flock while at the same time providing flexibility for their type of operation.”

When producers use ZoaShield or any of the Elanco intestinal integrity products, they receive consultative support from Elanco field experts who have extensive industry experience and knowledge, allowing them to tailor solutions to all types of poultry operations.

“Elanco equips producers with a wide range of tools they can use to prevent, treat and control common poultry challenges in order to keep their operations running smoothly,” said Carlson.

To find out more about ZoaShield and other poultry products and services, visit https://www.elanco.us/products-services/poultry/ZoaShield.