Gone Rogue Protein Snacks and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Carli Lloyd, are kicking off a partnership to promote ways consumers can accomplish more in their busy, active lifestyle while maintaining a healthy snacking routine. As a two-time FIFA World Cup Champion and Women’s Player of the Year, Carli has dedicated years of her life to soccer and now looks to better herself and her lifestyle as she prepares for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.

Carli is the epitome of Gone Rogue’s core beliefs: optimism, determination and purpose. Since the age of five, she’s dreamt of playing for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, but that goal didn’t come without obstacles. Carli was cut from a 21 and under national team and considered quitting soccer at one point in her career. Instead of leaving the sport, she used her passion for the game, grit and determination to keep pushing forward and become the international soccer phenomenon she is today. Her story illustrates Gone Rogue’s desire to help those with an active lifestyle continue to maintain sustained energy and push beyond their limits.

“Passion is what drives me and throughout the years I’ve learned that what you do when nobody is watching is just as important as when they are. That is why I incorporate Gone Rogue into my training regimen. The protein from each pack gives me the energy to stay 100% focused, 100% of the time,” said Lloyd.

Like Carli’s journey, reaching goals may require going off the beaten path, but staying energized to do so shouldn’t make consumers break a sweat. That is why Gone Rogue Protein Snacks are made from cuts of lean poultry so there is always a healthy, no-prep snack option ready to go when needed. With options like High Protein Chicken Chips, and the brand’s upcoming All-Natural Turkey Bites, consumers have the power to never stray from their target and, more importantly, Never Snack Down.

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