Gone Rogue Snacks have unleashed something everyone has been waiting for: the option to enjoy guilty pleasures without any regret afterward. With the introduction of the new Ranch Style and Taco Seasoned High Protein Chicken Chips, Gone Rogue has redefined what snacking looks like when maintaining an active lifestyle. And, consumers don’t have to sweat about their snacking options- just focus on their day-to-day goals. 

In a time where junk food is convenient and highly crave-able, ranch dressing and tacos can be hard to resist as everyone works to keep the quarantine-15 away. But, it's what’s chosen today that makes all the difference tomorrow. That’s why Gone Rogue won’t pick between flavor and satisfaction. Made with healthy, all-natural cuts of smoked and baked chicken, protein lovers get the long-lasting fuel needed to Never Snack Down

“Protein seekers are always on the hunt for satisfaction and flavor. And today, we say ‘Look no further!’ Our Ranch Style and Taco Seasoned options are bursting with taste and fuels your body to tackle your day,” says Candace Cage, brand manager for Gone Rogue Snacks. “Gone Rogue offers a delicious way to stay healthy and energized. We can’t wait for consumers to try each style of this next-generation snack and refuse to Never Snack Down."

Being stronger than yesterday is just 17+ grams of protein away. The new Ranch Style and Taco Seasoned High Protein Chicken Chips are available in 180 Hy-Vee locations across the Midwest and nationally on Amazon.com

Source: Gone Rogue Snacks