A new catalog, featuring the many features and benefits of Rocket Rack, is now available for no-obligation download at: https://rocket-rack.com.

Rocket Rack, manufactured in the U.S.A. by Robroy Raceways, is a pre –fabricated, factory fabricated, sanitary support system for conduit and process piping. Rocket Rack is designed for diverse electrical and manufacturing installations including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, consumer goods, and cosmetic production applications. The versatile Rocket Rack system is available in 304 stainless steel or 6061-T6 aluminum angle or flat stock in a wide range of widths and lengths. It can be either wall-mounted, trapeze hung, or used in conjunction with post mounts.

“Rocket Rack is designed to provide proven sanitary safety with a flexible system that improves the installation while cutting labor time and costs,” says Steve Voelzke, President of Robroy Raceways. “Our new Rocket Rack catalog is more than a product showcase. It highlights the extensive capability of the platform, details key benefits including our patented slot design that enables fine adjustments and assures perfectly straight conduit or pipe runs anywhere along the slot. Rocket Rack is reusable and sustainable. When re-tooling or reconfiguring a plant layout, lines can quickly and easily be added, and existing racks can be disassembled and re-installed again and again.”

Engineered for hygiene and strength, manufactured for durability, Rocket Rack meets the most demanding load requirements for any project where sanitary installation is required.

Rocket Rack provides the following safety benefits:

  • Complies with hygienic design principles and meets standards set forth in the 2016 Food Safety Modernization Act. Rocket Rack products have been tested and certified under the Food Safety & Quality Product/System Category to NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1 --- assurance that Rocket Rack is in compliance with standards evaluated by one of the world’s most respected independent certification organizations.
  • Ensures that no metal filings from rack fabrication will contaminate the customer’s product. Production areas are kept neat and clean.
  • Patented slot design and custom hardware eliminate harborage points because there are no recessed spaces or exposed threads.
  • Elimination of hand or eye injuries caused by traditional field fabrication methods of cutting, drilling or threading.
  • Additional safety provided by radius corners.

The ease of installing prefabricated Rocket Rack results in significant cost savings and enables projects to be completed on or ahead of schedule. Sleek lines, radius corners, and a buffed finish create an aesthetically pleasing installation, suitable even for high-end residential or commercial projects featuring an open ceiling design.

The new Rocket Rack catalog includes the “H” symbol throughout for easy identification of products designed and certified for hygienic installations. Additionally, load ratings for tented and standard racks are provided. Users of the Rocket Rack system can use the new catalog as a reference guide for recently-added products including:

  • Rod Stripping Tool
  • Hygienic Cap Nuts (sold separately or available on U-bolts)
  • Rocket Rack Roof Top Post Mounts
  • Rocket Post Extension Arms
  • Hygienic Rocket Plate
  • Hygienic Rocket Spacer

Supporting products, such as Rocket Rod, a proprietary, coated mounting rod, are an important part of the hygienic installation and provide additional savings of time and money. Available in either stainless steel or zinc coated steel, Rocket Rod is produced in 1/4” – 3/4″ diameters and 6′ or 12’ lengths. Its PVC encasement is tight and snug, making it clean and smooth, with no exposed threads. The installer simply cuts the rod to length and uses the custom Rod Stripping Tool to strip off the amount of coating to reveal precisely the threads needed, then mounts the rack.

To download the new Rocket Rack catalog, view typical installation drawings, learn what users are saying about the benefits of this system, or to learn how the Rocket Rack design team can provide solutions for the most demanding sanitary support system applications, visit: https://rocket-rack.com.