Gold Creek Foods, a Gainesville, Ga., poultry processor, announced it has made a deal “to acquire substantially all of the assets of Foundation Food Group.” The company said in a statement that the deal is expected to close during the first week of October, “subject to usual and customary due diligence.”

Foundation Food Group owns the plant in Gainesville where six people were killed during a nitrogen leak on January 28, 2021. The company and two others were fined by OSHA following an investigation into the plant; Foundation Food Group is appealing the fines.

Gold Creek Foods was founded in 2000 and operates six facilities in Gainesville (5) and Dawsonville (1). The company announced earlier this year that it had started production on its second and third ready-to-eat lines, providing an additional 60 million pounds of capacity.

Source: Gold Creek Foods, Modesto Bee