McLean Beef, a beef processor located in York, Neb., has opened its first-ever retail market. McLean Beef Butcher Shop opened on September 16 in York, offering its locally raised beef and pork, fresh custom-cut meat, smoked meats and cheeses and a 24-7 meat vending machine.

Max and Jeanette McLean represent the fourth generation of a family with a 70-year tradition in the cattle business. Having been a part of McLean Farms, they started McLean Beef in 1999 to sell their produced beef at retail. Their goal of selling locally raised meat has been welcomed by the Nebraska agricultural community.

“As we look across the industry we have a lot of cattle to process right now and one thing we are seeing is more cows than hooks. Small to medium processors open up more hook space and it allows us to process more cattle over time," Jacy Hauge of the Nebraska Cattlemen Association told ABC News.

Source: McLean Beef