Pioneering and leading the advancement of high pressure technologies for nearly three-quarters of a century, Quintus Technologies announces its re-entry into food and beverage high pressure processing (HPP) applications through innovative new HPP equipment and customized service solutions.

“Quintus Technologies has identified a need in the food industry market for improved options for HPP systems and services. As the former manufacturing and engineering arm of Avure Technologies, and with our core competency and rich history in high pressure applications, it is natural that we once again bring our expertise to this arena,” says Jan Söderström, CEO and President of Quintus Technologies. High Pressure Processing is recognized globally as the premium minimal-processing technique that enables the production of safer, preservative-free refrigerated foods and beverages with superior nutritional benefits and taste. Surging from novel to mainstream technology in less than a decade, HPP has become an ideal method for processors to protect their brands against recalls, develop new products, extend shelf life, enhance quality, and boost profitability.

Quintus press offerings are accompanied by comprehensive application know-how and best-in-class after-market technical and application support. The food science experts at the company’s HPP Application Centers in the U.S., Sweden, and China will be available to advise processors on everything from ingredient choices to optimizing processing parameters for maximum ROI. They provide product development support and in-house validation services, allowing customers to make comprehensive evaluations of new recipes, packaging, regulatory requirements, and more.

The unique mechanical and digital solutions incorporated in the new Quintus presses, such as the wire-wound frame and cylinder for safety and lighter weight, reflect the company’s legacy as the high pressure pioneer. Built to last for maximum reliability and operational efficiency, Quintus HPP systems are designed with an economical smaller footprint for fast installation and ease of operation and maintenance.

“The Quintus press was the world's first high pressure press, a design that was used to manufacture synthetic diamonds and other products,” notes Ed Williams, General Manager – Americas, Quintus Technologies. “A very large percentage of our systems installed 30+ years ago are still operational today.

“As befits our undisputed leadership position,” Williams continues, “we are also introducing the industry’s best HPP service program, Quintus Care, whose commitments will be met by veteran field service engineers with many years of experience in high pressure presses.”

Quintus Care includes prioritized 24/7 technical support, guaranteed access to spare parts, on-site assistance within 24 hours, and site visits including operator and maintenance training. The program also includes extensive application support, ensuring that customers can take full advantage of the HPP technology. Periodic maintenance and annual inspections assure customers that their HPP equipment stays in prime working condition to meet productivity expectations and reduce the risk of unplanned stops.

“The range of products benefiting from high pressure processing has expanded exponentially from the first commercialized product, ‘preservative-free guacamole,’ to today’s large variety of food products,” Söderström observes.

“Processors now are looking not only to continue the innovation stream of high-margin, value-added products, but to maintain production efficiencies through high system availability and controlled service costs. The new generation of Quintus HPP systems will help them accomplish these goals,” he concludes.

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