An Avure 100L HPP system was installed and commissioned this week in the company’s new testing and HPP tolling facility in Helmond, in the premises of Pascal Processing BV, located  in the  Food Tech Park Brainport, province of North Brabant in the southern Netherlands. The site will serve also as a new product development center.

“Helmond is a great location not only for its geographical importance for serving a large area of Western Europe, but also because of the vast amount of food and beverage production that exists in the region,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure Technologies.

The Food Tech Park Brainport and ‘De Groene Campus’ (Green Campus ) are strategically placed where entrepreneurs, education, and government work closely together to innovate. We are surrounded there by technical demonstration lines, tasting factories, micro-biology labs, educational institutions with practical studies, and an apprenticeship factory for present and future Food & Beverage employees.”

The new state-of-the-art, BRC-certified (2008879) facility is equipped to process daily up to 10 tonnes of packaged products such as meats, wet salads, hummus, guacamole, spreads, ready meals, seafood and fruit snacks. Baskets used for handling product entering high-pressure vessels will also be available onsite for load-out testing. The baskets for all sizes of Avure HPP equipment, such as the 350- and 525-litre systems, are available as well.

“We are pleased to increase our support and HPP tolling local offer to a wide variety of customers throughout Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and other countries close by,” says Alexis Nys, Managing Director at Avure Technologies Europe, Middle East & Africa, based in Luxembourg. “This gives us the ability to better support and serve our European customers in a way that is much more convenient and effective to them.”

In addition to pre-HPP services such as mixing and packaging, the facility will include post-treatment processing such as date printing, labeling, secondary packaging, chilled storage, and freezing.

“This certainly fits our strategy to offer testing and NPD services globally so we can work closely with our customers before they buy one of our machines, or even use tolling services,” says Patrick Ditchfield, Avure Vice President of Global Sales. “Our goal is to make our global customers’ journey to food safety, extended shelf life, clean label, and freshness, as seamless and efficient as possible.”

The facility at Helmond is less than two hours from Amsterdam by car, and is also a short walk from the Schiphol train connection.

Avure commented that the facility has passed all necessary testing for prepping product for export out of the EU, including to the US. The facility is also said to be close to Avure’s European parts and services distribution center located in Schiphol, NL.

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