Perdue AgriBusiness, a subsidiary of Perdue Farms, the fourth largest poultry producer in the United States, announced the launch of FlockLeader, a new line of probiotics and supplements designed for backyard chickens. FlockLeader by Perdue is the first direct-to-consumer product offered by Perdue AgriBusiness.

Perdue Farms was started by Pearl and Arthur Perdue as a table-egg business and has been committed to raising healthy chickens for more than 100 years. Now, the company is sharing its expertise in chicken nutrition and welfare with backyard chicken keepers everywhere.

“At Perdue, our roots are on the family farm and our commitment to caring for backyard chicken flocks goes back more than a century,” said George Betton, vice president of specialty agricultural products. “The launch of the FlockLeader line of probiotics and supplements reflects our leadership in animal nutrition and welfare, and marks the first direct-to-consumer product from Perdue AgriBusiness.”

FlockLeader by Perdue includes several products that will promote chicken health, including Arrive, a daily supplement to give newly hatched chickens and young birds a healthy start; Thrive, a daily supplement that helps maintain a healthy flock; and Recover, a water supplement to support mild stress. These three main products – Arrive, Thrive and Recover – can provide backyard chicken keepers with a trustworthy daily supplement or troubleshoot health concerns that may arise in flocks.

“We understand that people raising backyard chickens want help and support raising a healthy flock at all times – not just when chickens are stressed and sick,” said Betton. “We’re proud to provide this support through FlockLeader to families that are raising backyard chickens.”

Flockleader can be purchased online through, a dedicated educational website created by Perdue AgriBusiness that also offers expert resources about chicken behavior for backyard flock enthusiasts. FlockLeader can also be purchased at Thiesen’s Home Farm & Auto locations in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. It will soon be available for purchase at other retailers nationwide.

Source: Perdue AgriBusiness