Technomic has released the 2021 Burger Global Menu Category Report exploring an in-depth look into global sales, consumer preferences, menu trends, operator insights, and brands to watch related to the burger category. 

“Burger is one of the largest and most dynamic menu categories on the global stage, and restaurant operators have significant opportunities as recovery scenarios begin to set in across international markets,” explains Aaron Jourden, senior research manager of global at Technomic. “The new Global Burger Menu Category Report allows operators and suppliers alike to leverage deep category insights, post-pandemic operator and menu trends, and expert analysis to better capitalize on these opportunities.”

Key findings:

  • More than 50 percent of consumers in 19 of 25 countries order a burger at least occasionally, with the Philippines, South Africa and the United States as the top markets
  • Beef is the most preferred protein for burgers, with 78 percent of consumers selecting it globally
  • Chicken is the leading alternative to beef globally, ranking second among burger patty options
  • 59 years is the average age of burger brands within Technomic’s Global 150 chain restaurant list, with A&W the oldest at 102 years and Shake Shack the youngest at 17 years

The report is a deliverable included in Technomic’s Global Foodservice Navigator program, which provides ongoing tools to keep at the forefront of evolving consumer, menu and operator trends on both a country and global level.

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Source: Technomic