Imoona global business  in the design and production of lighting solutions for the food and fashion retail industries, has announced the launch of an innovative food market pilot project with Sobeys, one of Canada’s largest grocery retailers. In partnership with Interstore | Schweitzer, an international retail design & shopfitting company, Imoon completed an installation of an all-new, highly scalable lighting design in the Orangeville, Ontario location of Sobeys to create a unique and exclusive experience for shoppers.

The Sobeys supermarket in Orangeville features a modern food hall. This is inspired by Interstore | Schweitzer's Flexstore principle—implemented for the first time in North America—that is a modular grocery store concept centered around mobile fixtures that can easily be rearranged according to needs. Imoon’s team of lighting designers have ensured flexibility with its lighting concept design that leverages advanced technologies, including the use of special LEDs, for improved ambience and energy efficiency.

Notable features of Imoon’s pilot project include:

  • Versatility: An example of the high degree of versatility in Imoon’s lighting solutions is Sobeys-Orangeville’s fruit and vegetable section, where two very different configurations work together: lighting fixtures equipped with Full Color LEDs, which accentuate shapes and colors; and spotlights that create a warm, inviting space, which are also intended for the store’s bakery, pastry and wine sections.
  • Flexibility: A system of track projectors ensure maximum flexibility in the number, orientation and interchangeability of accessories for finetuning onsite while the 15-ft. height of the installation is notable because customers can now easily identify signs for various product categories, which are illuminated on the front and back. 
  • Clarity: A new lighting element has been added to the meat and fish sections with Imoon’s innovative Meat Fish HD LED, which enhances the natural colors of the white and red contrasts of the meat and fish on display. The store’s furnishings and materials are also enhanced with a special SPARK LED that increases the brilliance of the white walls and the beauty section, creating a perception of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Ambience: Imoon’s lighting solutions in the fruit and vegetable section enhance the perception of freshness of seasonal products. The lighting of the wooden panels on top of the fruit and vegetable section provides warm tones and increases the general feeling of relaxation and well-being.
  • Energy efficiency: Imoon’s advanced technological solutions significantly reduce both payback period and energy consumption vs. traditional lighting systems, which contributes to a store’s overall profitability.

“The key to the success of the installation in the Sobeys in Orangeville is the vision shared with the Interstore | Schweitzer team,” said Pierluigi Gusmani, Imoon's international sales director. “The lighting design for this pilot project aimed to create a scalable and repeatable model. Our consolidated know-how in the food retail sector, the technologies dedicated to product enhancement and the expertise of our lighting designers all contributed to the creation of a truly a memorable shopping experience. This is only possible thanks to Imoon’s constant investment in R&D to study innovative concepts, which have helped us meet the needs of a market with high potential like North America.”

Source: Imoon