As a way to excite existing consumers and target new ones, Gorton’s is offering their value-sized Butterfly Shrimp product for a limited time at Kroger. Made with premium, tail-on shrimp coated in a classic buttery breadcrumb, Gorton’s crispy and delicious Butterfly Shrimp can now be enjoyed by Kroger customers in a larger two-pound, value size. The club Butterfly Shrimp product will be available at 1,200+ Kroger locations across the country until January 29, 2022 and it retails for $9.99.

The limited-time offer comes at a time when consumers are looking for minimal prep freezer staples during the busy holiday season. In addition to that, the value pack ensures that consumers will get more shrimp that will last even longer than a regular package (meaning less holiday crowds to deal with at the store!). While the value pack is two pounds (32-oz.), a regular package of Butterfly Shrimp is 9.2-oz. Whether consumers are entertaining a crowd or preparing snacks for game day, Gorton’s crunchy breaded Butterfly Shrimp makes the perfect appetizer, snack, or meal. 

Source: Gorton's