Thanks to an effort led by the United States Cattlemen's Association's (USCA) Independent Beef Processing Committee, over 800 pounds of U.S. beef is on its way to feed to communities in western Kentucky affected by recent tornado events.

At least 74 people—including 12 children—perished, and more than 100 people are still missing after a devastating storm system pushed across the area earlier this month.

The Louisville-based nonprofit, The LEE Initiative, which launched its Western Kentucky Disaster Relief Fund, mobilized immediately after the storm ravaged the state, pledging $15,000 towards relief and partnering with local food trucks to provide water and meals for area residents. 

The group will host a Christmas Eve dinner for community residents and first responders utilizing the beef donated by USCA members.

"We cannot imagine what these residents must be going through, as they grieve those they have lost in the storms, and survey the damage to their homes and communities," said USCA President Brooke Miller. "Our members stepped up, in the best way we know how, to offer a small reprieve in the form of homegrown, American beef. We hope this Christmas Eve community dinner provides a touch of holiday spirit during this especially difficult time."

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Source: United States Cattlemen's Association