Hormel Foods Corporation, a Fortune 500 global branded food company, has announced that Fred Halvin, vice president of corporate development, will be retiring after a 37-year career with the company. Nathan Annis, director of investor relations, business planning, and analysis, will succeed Halvin as vice president of corporate development.

“Fred has been a key leader for all of our transformational acquisitions over the past decade and has been instrumental in the Hormel Foods journey to become the global branded food company that we are today,” said Jim Snee, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Hormel Foods. “I wish Fred all the best in his retirement and thank him for his outstanding contributions over the last 37 years.”

Halvin most recently led the company’s acquisition of the Planters® snack nuts business, the largest acquisition in the company’s history, which was completed in 2021. Some of the other notable acquisitions led by Halvin during his tenure are: Columbus Craft Meats, Applegate, Skippy Foods, Fontanini Foods, Justin’s, Sadler’s Smokehouse, Fresherized Foods and Cidade do Sol, maker of the Ceratti brand.

As vice president of corporate development, Annis will assume responsibility for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and strategic partnerships. He will also be responsible for ensuring the Hormel Foods pipeline for growth through acquisitions continues as part of its overall strategic imperatives.

“The pathway from investor relations into corporate development has proven to be a successful model for Hormel Foods, and one that will continue with Nathan, as he brings his own unique skillset to the role,” said Snee. “Nathan has an impressive understanding of the industry, strong analytical, finance, and business planning skills, and a keen understanding of our financial and growth imperatives. I am confident he is well-positioned to be successful in this important role.”

Source: Hormel Foods